To apply for membership in The Head of the Bay Club, an applicant must have three Sponsors, one of whom will be designated as Lead Sponsor.  The Lead Sponsor must obtain a Membership Application Package from the office and will be responsible for the completion of the entire application package.

Each sponsor must sign the application and submit an informative letter of recommendation.  The Lead Sponsor and the Co-Sponsors must be active members in good standing for at least three years.  Member families are only permitted to sponsor or co-sponsor one applicant in a calendar year.  Candidates for membership must reside in the Township of Huntington.  There is a non-refundable application fee of $271.56.  This represents the $250.00 fee, plus applicable sales tax.

When the Application Package is completed, the Lead Sponsor returns it to the office.  If the Club has a waiting list, a letter will be sent to the applicant stating that the Club has currently reached the maximum number of permitted members.  The applicant is then put on the waiting list.  After reviewing their applications, the Membership Committee will interview applicants whose names are close to the top of the waiting list.  After that, the Board of Governors will review the applications and either approve or reject each applicant.

All applicants to The Head of the Bay Club must reside in the Township of Huntington.