The Head of The Bay Club’s location was originally Clark House, a privately owned hotel that opened in 1872.  Clark House was later sold and operated under the names of Locust Lodge and Huntington Bay Lodge.

In 1906, the property was sold to the Bustanoby brothers, who commissioned Sanford White to build a casino, which they named Beaux Arts.  The casino was built on two levels, and the picturesque lounge held up to 1,000 guests.  It is said that millions of dollars changed hands across its gambling tables.  The brothers renovated the hotel and renamed it The Chateau.  They enlarged the bathing houses, planted lavish gardens, built a pier, established a ferry service from Stamford, and a steamboat service from New York City.  They even constructed underground tunnels to protect the privacy of the wealthy patrons.  It was rumored that bootleg whiskey was transported through those tunnels during Prohibition.  In 1913, the Beaux Arts Park was sold.

In 1920, Huntington Bay Club, Inc was organized, according to its brochure for the purpose of affording under wholesome surroundings, exceptional facilities for the comfort, convenience and healthful recreation of its members, their family and friends.

The glitter came to an end with the Great Depression, and in 1932 the property was foreclosed upon.  In 1939, the newly reorganized Huntington Crescent Club acquired the Bay Club property as a center for bathing, yachting and other summer sports.  The casino was renovated, the hotel was razed.  The arrangement of sharing golf and beach operations did not last, and it was determined to split the two.

In 1958, the present club was organized.  The casino and hotel, damaged by fires, had both been razed, and a new, small clubhouse was built.  There were two tennis courts, and a few cabanas.  A small start for what we have become today.

The Club now consists of a clubhouse, swimming pool, 47 cabanas, 5 tennis courts, 3 winter paddle courts, a basketball/all sport court, a locker/recreation building, two playgrounds, a childrens’ cottage, outdoor decks and patio, snack bar, barbeque beachfront area and a mooring field.  We are at full membership of 300 families who enjoy the many activities the Bay Club has to offer.